Sunday, March 16, 2008

Week End

View from Pool area

Pool area
Sightseeing tym
Week end to me? Hm the 2 days dat stil unpredictable dat where n wht I will do, from mon-sat jst hav my agenda tym 4 works schedule being on fri nite-sat n sun is always being upcoming mystery 2 these weeks as always a tremor for tough works days n friday nite there will be a tym which confusing n lots emergency calls as I was wrote in my indo blog “Grey Friday”as my friday now on saturdy here I was starting it early as my plan taking pic n meet the manager of Indonesian bank in footbald fields as has been scheduled my football company team will having friendships games against the BRI Team n it was held at 7 am so must be ready earlier for some reason my driver didn’t show up to picked me till 8 am , I was amused n canceled it n go to office as I hav scheduled to filing my docs in doing good administration filing stints to face the upcoming auditing season to my division. Spents 5 n hours filing n put labels on right ordner n making neat evrythings yeah DONE …n hm as unscheduled week ends plan always so me n my frens going to visit our senior collegues home to eat “bubur kacang ijo, rujak, and lots food there” as usual we loved to be there as we ll always can find all kind snacks, home cuisines n sure watching movies n reading magz n also taking nap 2 hours on couch due all of us already eat all kinda food!! By sun set then we ll continue to mall to sighseeing tym having hot choco in J-Co Donuts for 2 hours there sitting n staring up all the shining boys n girls who stunning which their blink-blink funky Manado View!after all get bored don’t know where else to go still 7 pm we walking again undirection, stopped by sitting down n finally well decide to go 4 dinner”yess Coto Makassar again, so we were end up in by Dinner our origin food. And Sunday comes hm wake up by 9 as sun shining so bright to my room, having long bath 2 hours n njoy it then lunch as usual KFC delivery order n my meals is Rice, Soups n Perkedel ..!done taking a nap again n by 3 pm one of the top CEO bank comes up bring me “Jalangkote”from Makassar as truly kind of him as we r the same hometown so evrytym he has meeting or anythng in Makassar will always brought something for us!wht a nice man!!God Bless u SIR!no worries my company n his company now having gr8 collaborate n gr8 relationships!dats the good of networking, so I love my job Jmuch in this case others may not all then after njoy the Jalangkote hm our ride Jonathan showed up picking me up went to Minahasa hotel as swimming tym,
my frens there waiting so njoy play in swmming pool n jaquzzy tym sure its so gr8 n cool to be in hot water pool n njoy the view of Manado fr top of the hotel, hm finding this place a month ago I got n soon will become a member to njoy the jacuzzy n meet germany man dats sharing lots (ill post spcial report 4 this!) and also the gym space til 7 pm n having end up fast dinner in Blue Tent Café alias warung tenda Biru our regular dinner place and went home.dats my week ending .
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