Sunday, March 09, 2008


Hm since I was kids I really wn bcome a famous Indonesian badminton athlete as Indonesia was very famous wth badminton in the worlds, too proud of it as one young generations I wn be like susi susanty my idol on this games, who become the champion of the world in olimpic games in Barcelona 1989 I guess, like ALAM Budikusuma, recently new rising starts who become also celebrity of youth in Indonesia Taufik Hidayat, talented Indonesian badminton stars till now n last sure from my dad’s story n TV also the legend of Indonesian badminton athlete RUDI HARTONO 7th times winner ALL ENGLAND championship in 1970’s era. Starting seeing my neighbours play in used to be my daddy’s once seasons badminton become very famous till countryside in my villages there also events evrynite near fr home. Just playing around near home wth just simple nets n not real badminton court as who play in real court just my fathers n his colleagues more over those tym im still 6-7 years n sure I growth elementry school sports nothings really brought me to become real badminton player till junior high school as in my environment no badminton clubs to accomodir young player like me..poor me..ha.. different wth Jakarta sure there is the central 4 evrythings so feels like dat my destiny not born to be an ahlete but still I do believe dats I hav this talents in this sports , just in case need menthor, trainer, clubs to make me shining on this sports..anykind can be cross in my minds that tym as pingpong oh table tennis. Simple need just small table n sure bat… n in elementary school yess I was good between my frens czu maybe they are all who is stilly….ha,,ha but yess so club 4 me not manager or trainer found me till got in university I also join the tennis table sports but just formality lesson I guess to achieve my sum credit to graduate as sports is cumpolsuory oh extracuriculer lesson yess …. ! nothing really impressed me about myself in this sports ….yeah tym goes by n finally I was in the my dreams company …now dat this company provide me all sports that staffs can do so balance between works n sports ..yess in here I got branch mgr who really energetic I guess n really wnt to see all his entire staffs healthy n wealthy, so there is football games on saturaday ( me...just bcome good supporter n arranger 4 the challenger team& watching ) & used to be aerobics on monday nite n wenesday nite for ladies staffs in 5 th floor just lasting 2 months due the most loyal who join this class only me ..n the trainer …so wasting budget I guess manado people here really lazy to do some sports or maybe cuz the singles staffs only fews n so me the one who very energic one..he..he so stopped now too bad 4 me.. so no others choice I join badminton games evry monday n wth the boys…hmm finally my dreams to play in real badminton court came true…real judges sure nice court wth exclusive facility …hm try to be there at nite by the tym eventhough the ladies player never being more then 2..ohhh my frens really all lazy do some sports ohh they never realize how nice the company provide all of this…budget evry month its FREEE just willing to be here n jump little dats all..why so sure eventhough in my division im the quenn the only so just play n starting to love this purchased a branded racket so I will be more love to play ..n after all its truly gr8 doing sports sweating..n yess healthy body n soul…releasing all mind from stressing n depression office target im not too smart on this but keep on this n gr8 progress ..ha.ha sure …ha..ha .. just njoy… everything now.. BADMINTON. Sure its my new hobbies now n yess after all play I will having gr8 continue wth gr8 dinnner there n sure wondrfulll nite sleep tight….!!!! Body n Soul….
Tennis ………..ohh seems not far fr now my company will provide again so…lets try that one anyway I nvr play just hold the racket make me sweat but I will love to try that ..!! eventhough I never being dream to be ANDRE AGGASI anyway ..but nothing to lose to try ..! ill buy the racket if i have to….!!!let see for now I LOVE BADMINTON…. Susi I come :-)
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