Sunday, March 09, 2008

Breakfast Sop Saudara & Coto Makassar

Manado, 7 march 2008
Its holiday here in indo calendar today, its hari raya nyepi, nyepi day special for HINDU mostly in BALI I guess. As here in Manado not HINDU area so just normal life n happy friday I guess. Today I was wake up lately 9 am n missed my subuh pray (oh God!) n as I was sleep at 2 am last nite due reading one of my frens blog very intresting ( an Indian buddy dats maybe ill post one posting edition wth theme Indian frens later ) blog dats inspire me to write today,,hm n ill wake up open my curtain n say thnx to God dats I still breath dat I can see the sunrise still fr my windows n starting to wash up n clean up my messy room dat never being so neat in my eyes eventhough I m try harder everyday to put the things in the right order..oh God give me a courage to be always hav spirit to do dat! So after all I open my tiny laptop dats has lots virus on it ;-D (my laptop named “levy” ) as I get used to gave al names to all my stuffs since lone tym my colleagues who also stay in the same building wth me has this habits…!!ill make special post for this report later about “naming stuffs” ..yess by tym 10.30 am the labunroco team show up knocking my door to kidnap me for breakfast …. Its 11 am its still breakfast for us as we lately awake as lazy days n holiday n maybe their tummy yelling n singing hindis so they rush to go to “warung sop saudara SS “ its special south Sulawesi “makassar” cuisine called “Coto’search in googles plis for more information n SOP SAUDARA means “yours soup” its also cuisine amost the same wth COTO only different taste as also the same using meat…. More info search in google also!!anyway I posted the pic n we eat wth ketupat or Burasa its also traditional food from Makassar …as it all from Rice …. One ketupat is used to be presented in Lebaran occasion idul fitri or idul adha days wth chicken curry … and yess its pure rice put on coconut leaves n roasted n yess just exactly like Rice ….n BURASA ..its also rice mixed with santan (santan is ..frget in English ) n put in banana leaves wth special packages as BUGIS mom is g8 on making al of this n my sister as well n not me….im stupid on this..but I try..:-) yess but this rice is litle bit oily ,…but its juts exactly perfect couple wth COTO or SOP SAUDARA …!!!they made as soulmate..!!n so we breakfast wth dat n yeah stil wn run away to MALL nearest by MANTOS but one of my buddy havnt bath yet so we decided to go back KOST “ is rental roomin one house which can be 30 rooms in one building some like hostel or dormitory in college complex and lucky me I got nice “kost” 3 rd floor each 6 room which has 1 toilets each… n mine is in the sec floor n my colleagues dats also stay in the same building wth me 2 in the 3 rd floor n 2 in the 2 nd…so we r leaving for office tgether n go back home tgether, dinner tgther, shopping together, sightseeing together n all together except sleep..he..he.we hav our own room..n feels like bro n sister as we have same orginin area all from MAKASSAR ..n also the same university HASANUDDIN University just n diff ages n diff major & diff division in our very close to each others ….yeah rocking in MANADO Maybe until my company sent me back to MAKASSAR or sent me somewhere in INDONESIA…as we hav always ready to be transfer evry year…!!!wow n our building name “WISMA LS” but everyday I called WISMA LASIBUK “ LS=I make it LASIBUKK..ha..ha bcuz we r here as rule…n sure very prominent in between others …crowd AND BZ PERSON ALL!!go early by 7.30 to office n get home oops sory but approximately by 8-9 pm after dinner 4 sure as we don’t cook n we r bz at office no tym for that and sure eventhough we never had good tym for tym is just in case we miss home cuisine n sure only on sunday n if we r hav good courage to go to supermarket to shopping ingredients…oh so dats my breakfast story for todays holiday!
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