Sunday, March 16, 2008

From Jacuzzy Hot tub

The lesson learnt from swimming pool I met a germany man dat loved traveling wth his bike to un usual destination tourism place, we talked about alots n I took lots good point from him in jaquzzy tym we chatted here I describe :
1. He always have about a month tym to having vacation n he loved wth diff way, riding bycicle around all over Indonesia, so far not only in Indonesia but others n the most he loved is Indonesia, He has his own way to having vac wth mapping unfamous tourist place n sure very njoyfull n I just become love Indonesia much as here weather, low living cost, n mny others things.thnx SIR its open my mind more again!
2. He tought me to try others job dats short work tym n earning lots money( oh i do lov my job&my company cmoon SIR!) n less responsibility sure high paid one!..!hm in some others country like Canada, Turkey, Israel (wht?)..!the points is dat im working n also hav tym alots to having long holiday evry year!sure try to find it n never being doubt to explore the world n cross the border ..yess I also got it the same words fr my chinese fren in CANADA..Francis Sim…!
3. Simplicity,unique way 4 a vacation, He only has one bike, handbag n I bagpack n riding all over sure he took a diff way wth reg tourist n u know he put in his website to all his adventure n traveling visit. Opposites wth our way loving place dat famous n spreading n wasting money as being saved one year n ending wth bangkruptcy by ending holiday being not enjoyful anymore but horouble sickness aftr all…dats my way n I tought dats ist not good way spending vacation anymore!
4. Open my mind hows the Indonesian ppl, Indonesian in western view, as this germany man describe so well all about the diff between here n there sure!Indonesia needs lots things to changing !Lots lots lots..!!i really wnt my INDO developed wish all ppl here having this way in their mind anyway no prob, everything is must be starting by first steps rite!great things startings fr small things so…!never less hope 4 this..Chayoooo INDONESIA!
Sure if u wnt to see this very friendly man site go visit him and as one of my frens always saying to me n deeply rooted in my mind to meet new ppl n share wth them with enlarge our mind frame about life etc, here I am being stunning now n realized yess I loved meeting new ppl sure always was gr8 brainstorming 4 me, yess cool website, nice adventure traveling story!inspire me much!c u someday Martin :-)

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