Sunday, March 09, 2008

My first English Blog

Hm finally ..!! after a year pending du hustle n buslte in office circumtance here is my,..its being my dream since I know about blog&blogger many years ago to write something bout me or my life or just writing my dairy or anything spcial in here dats happened to me, due too much reason actually dats mak me lazy to starting I already starting write blog mid of year 2007 ( in bahasa indonesia in FS blog )was that tym is my first arrival in my new city replacement of my company I work now (telkomsel) but one posting only till now I already wrote 3 more posting but till now 2 months after those draft still in my laptop n not yet posting too lazy or juts a reason now no more reason to become lazy to write …ha..actually I nevr had chances du work tym n surely( stpid reason!) n maybe im stil too stupid n don’t know how to posting it huhuhuahuhuahua…..!actually reading others blog inspires me alots especially y Indian frens… they wrote in English so how can he do dat n me not!(wow on FIRE!!!Spirit!!!)I was wrote my blog in bahasa Indonesia n sure I must be gr8 on dat bcuz its my mother tounge cmoon n I was born here 26 years old here ..ha.ha so too stupid if I cant write blog in bahasa now my challenge to come is In English, sure its gonna b real hazard to me actually due my vocab not as much as native speaker offcourse.Dont worry, Indians wrote blogs in English wth English-indian style accent then ill try my own way accent ha.ha ..ha indo-india English…acha-acha-pahe-pahe. my frens called me dat way everytym ….im not Indian just to much bumped wth Indian these tym so im famous now wth that’s yell..yell….
So let me starting this blog, u may find weirds words n just to ensure u dats am not gr8 in this case due I m never study in land of English just study at school, Indonesian school from ages ..teen till now still my life philoshopy “LIFE IS A CONTINUES A LEARNING PROCESS “ so always learning..(actually this word I took fr my frens FS postshout words”he..he sorry Irma..:-)!
Here we go…………………..waiting 4 ur comments Keterangan :

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