Tuesday, March 11, 2008

still dizzy...!!

ohh todays with those 4 diff tablets n 1 bottle syrups dat make me shivering a few hours after drink it n make me dizzy n feels so weak 2 days just sitting n still feels tired to go upstairs in da office ..:-( my lunch is wth rice cereal feels like old grandma that has no teeth anymore or such babies oopch silly me! in the nite dizzy wht kind of food wthout fried things so chicken soup wth rice.. oh My God!! still the same taste nothings seems to be delicious in my tounge now.. ! my monday i suppose to be home at 5 pm..stubborn me i was leave office by 9 pm..!!oops sorry...doctors told me to stay rested at home at least 3 days!!!n im still in da office now ;-D
values dat i got monday is now i know how to mmake my own Ring Backs Tones wth recordings my voice wooww cool i hav my on registration id for dat as i was invented my own Ring back Tones in populer called in indonesia NSP 1212 (Nada Sambung Pribadi ) n send to ADN 1212 (thnx to Jojo 4 helping me alots on this case, buying my cereal my dinner n my medicine n guide me about gadget things...!we love u Jojo!) and others hm nothing just do my bz office works, reimbursements things, reportings as usual while waiting n waiting 4 somthing dats accross my minds in someone in somewhere..confusing ..no more golf driving this afternoon...........missin'somthing much!!maybe just expecting a good dinner wth some1....:P hope so...!
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