Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Mobile Phone History

My Mobile phone history My first tym having this gadget while 2002 I m not quite sure the precisely date, it was NOKIA 3310 still very big n heavy edition of mobile phone, its not new actually I bought it fr my besty in college as she has more money 4 sure then still remember it about Rp.500 rb n sure not cash by first no still wel memorized 08152524680 maybe its true its MENTARI Prepaid no by SATELINDO (INDOSAT now) just having it maybe 1 months I was losted being stolen in my pocket while watching concert in one grand opening new mall in Makassar its 14 th februari 2003, and yess deeply I was in depressed moments as inside of it still about USD 30 credit pulse n the thief is using it all in a few minutes hiksssssss !!sure I was using Motorola lent from my nice lecturer while I m starting to seek new mob by saving…as my loans for this NOKIA is not paid 100% anyway about a few months my angel &my besty the same frens again sold her SAMSUNG R……… to me frgot the type as I always having this gadget as second stuffs sure poor me ha,,!!n this SAMSUNG having with me for quite long also..n my no also the same MENTARI Prepaid 08152532214 by tym n after grad I got my job also so can earns little then migrated to postpaid MATRIX no wth the same no n had being put in my name cards for sure 2 years. Then im adding one more CDMA phone NOKIA 2112 while bought it fr my angel fren again always her..haha.ha so having 2 mobile dat tym, CDMA wth no 0411- 5746808 as im really mobile n get easily contact by locally n GSM sure nation wide anyway dat tym why im still INDOSAT cuz while getting the simcard its cheaper n also first national roaming offer while Telkomsel still not yet n honestly im a kind of very loyal girl n not easily changing no evrytym wherever there is new offers, this 2 no lasting till many years till 2007 while I ve being announced n selected to join TELKOMSEL staff im still using the competitor product simcard, by the tym I was in Telkomsel on April 2007 I was terminated my Matrix SIMCARD wth a litlebit hestic n sentimental feelings n get new KartuHALO no fr my company I choose 4 last digit no, matching wth my bday no 081143-8581 (was born on may 28th 1981) . Others no 0811430-1800 as my private no, just pick it wth 8 inside as lucky no.And for my mobile phone since jan 2006 I was sold my Samsung n get SONY ERICSSON K 300i better fitur wth camera 1,3 megapixel n yess my mobile phone starting to shining on branded gadget while starting to work in this company , till now I still have my SONY ERICSON K300i with SIMPATI Prepaid no inside 081340666060 n by mid of year 2007 I bought SONY ERICSSON w950i with touchscreen n my beloved one dats make easy my life everyday is NOKIA E61i, n my CDMA Nokia 2112 still in my hands also till i exchange it wth Samsung SGH CH ..... now i really wn purchase Blackberry handsheld maybe BB 8310 !!4 me mobile phone is Very important Gadget cant life without it as my job n sure connected wth all of ppl! to mailing,sms,MMS,video call,chatting,entertainment and blogging also can do fr here.
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