Sunday, June 10, 2012


The last four days my heart exalted, never being this happy before.

My prayers in Umrah have been answered :-) now I do believe that keep dreaming and keep praying for what you want.....inshallah the pray will be answer soon or later

I'm speechless, smiling, clumsy, and so happy .

One thing I remembered one of my best posting about how proud she is having me as best friend for all I have done in my life which shining for her, it was 3 years back. And in just about 4 days back someone wrote about me in his blog for 4 time, I'm speechless, just like you are flying high thru the seventh skies :-)

I alwys believe that "dream come true" I did it many times for some stuff I dream about, for some places I want to explore, for great job I love the most, my life is so wonderfull, and the last time also I do believe that you can also get your prince charming that you dream about, as long as you never give up to pursue and then let Allah do the rest by many way :-) He is coming knocking *_* after long time wait..!

June 7th 10.19 AM ,wasn't my B'day but my day. Time ticking since that..and hope for the best ..I'm try to keep my foot on the ground now..and make sure I'm not in day dream..

La Vita e La Belle... !!!
Let's hope for the best

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