Thursday, June 21, 2012

Graduation Day for KING

Finally this little young man Mr King Abd Rahman Salim have his big day, graduation day for his bachelor degree as Engginering.. Or even I confuse what his major...architecture enggineer ..!!

For length of time study he took three years and 8 months wow he is very fast as he is entering the university at 2008,myself took 4 years for that!!

I think "King" is better then me on this case, still I remember when I carry him when he is still 3 years still also I memorize I alwys ride him to school when he is in jr school, or when we are struggle for put him in public school in town.

Now he is more taller then me, skinny, stubborn head !! And after having him as my only younger brother I have to be always being wiser for everything!

King, welcome to the real world!!
Make a good CV and go seek outhere and make money!!!

Congrat's My King *Kong !!

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