Monday, February 08, 2010

Go International

Dont believe that dream come true? Believe me it is :-) im the dreamer that alwys listed wishes every year and some accomplished well faster then my taught some pending :-) C'est la Vie but 90% come true !!

My last year posting ( April 2009 ) about my new passport and tooks 9 months to finally using it hihi ... and here i capture what i hav write on that posting

"Hei…just glad to tell u all, I got my passport now , one dream coming true im ready
to go around the world..ha ha ha wait for me guys..KL, S’pore, Mecca, Japan, India, Europe, USA ..ya ya I guess I have to update my WAYN now…ha ha ha tks God….wht a bless "

see above the bold lines the countries are :KL ( Malaysia ) and Spore ! i ve been those 2 countries ( yihhaaa ) and see correct queing names with that lines and hope the next also correct country ~ Mecca ~ (Amin 100x )

So keep dreaming guys and for more about my trips will do some posting
just keep reading .. !! Keterangan :

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