Saturday, February 13, 2010

Waiting time

The more I write more posting in this blog means the more many times I stucked in a waiting moments which no more to do then just buzy with my Blackberry.

My indonesian blog this january might be already have more posting, the moments I trapped in waiting room for any moments, the more ideas in my head need to share in my blog.

Somehow my brains workin so fast in "waiting room", in a dentist waiting room, in lobby hotels, in the car, in the toilets somhow :-D!

Just one thing that limited me for writing is run out of battery!!

The rest I will be happily fine to write or chat or Facebook-ing, orkuting, or just googling!!

And now its saturday nite and tomorrow its a valentine day huhh D*MN!!(is it really there such day??)

Yup so enjoy my future posting
*writing while viewing the rain pouring to the garden of Sedona Hotel and Resort of Manado, waiting my presentation time in one public event!! However waiting is B O R I N G!
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