Saturday, February 13, 2010

Being Happy for others! Can u?

Being Happy for others? All religion might told us to do so!!

Today I'm glad to hear one of a fren a purchasing new dream car!! Honestly I'm happy from the bottom of my heart!! And a bit envy (positive) due his car more classy then mine anyway the price as well cheaper a half ( I won for the price 2 x expensive!)!! ( Our country are different so the price as well) but honestly I'm a very happy as well someday I'm gonna roaming in his country with his new misty blue chevybeat!! congrats Alp :-)
( Dreaming mode On!)

Daily life we heard sometimes a good news maybe for other....
Like promotion in carier path, a baby birth, awarding time, lucky in love, celebrating birthday...

In some of hearing all of those we are instanly will saying..
Hai congrats ya..blah blah all sump up....but mostly its just from mouth as formality needs !!

Truly honest for some news like baby birth or wedding then somehow I will instanly say good luck but somehow I can be 100 percent due I'm just a human being..( Who said I'm not, aint" an angel as well )

Some how we said just formality..a fake words from mouth...!!!
I'm sure someone will get envy when another get promote ( I'm try to be not) its a fact, for wedding which for the single will be more the deepth's u will say (OMG he/she lucky and double now..and I'm still single!!) Some maybe positive ..!!

Somehow the meaning of Good Luck is just like a words without meaning at all!!

I'm trying the best to be as happy as I can when all got those great news!!however some humanity feelings inside of me will arise creat little envy but some I can perfectly control to be a positive thinking!!!

And how about u? Can u be happy for others while urself suffer?
I do believe some of really are!!
And I'm still able for it in some moments ;-)

*My besty get a baby boy!!
*My besty get a great job in great company!
*My besty get lucky in door prize
*My lil bro can drive for the first time
*My Bro did his first island to island trip
And hundreds cherishing news more which related to my life!!

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