Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another Valentine's day!!

14th February 2010, today is Lunar New Year ( Tiger year ) and for some pink generations celebrating it for love days and anything related with that!! (Not for me!!)

Accidently its sunday so nothing special holiday..!!wake up so late due the nite before I was re-watched so many romantics movie on tv, some morning rituals and visited our company expo in one mall and went home by 3 pm and took nap till late!!

Valentine's gift? I'm not like others Manado'nese girl which all day wearing pink and read and bring some pink flowers or teddy bear!! For me Someone which deserve to give is my family!!My Family is My Hero for anything...!!My bro is my Hero...then rest is best fren...!!!

So people show love to their GF or BF or whatever they called it...
Then today I bought also some mobile device for my big bro and my lil bro!! Just consider its valentine's gift!!my big bro is my hero for helping in many obstacle in life so far!!financial problem, helped me for my car problem without any obligation!pure no interest !!so he is the deserve to be my hero of the year!!

My Lil bro, however he is the most annoying, stubborn head, and too much distract my life with many problem..he really need new mobile phone. So after all no more reason to say my mobile device is broken so can't pick up my phone!!

Parents hm event its not today I ll give them sometimes a gift!! When I have time home visit..!!

Hm and my besties..?
Sure some deserve but ya there will be a timing for them like bday !!

I better buy one DVD player for my self either as I gift!! Why too bz think people and nothing for myself!

So tht's a bit story of a my valentine this year..
Just another valentine day !!
Just another 14th february!!

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