Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Morning Snorkling!!

Just wondered why these recently a few weeks back many offering come.
2 days ago in some accidently visit in one my corporate customer!
For some seriouse conversation till lite chat they asked me to join Morning snorkling!!
My Diving hobby now a bit abandoned due circumtance (or just a lazy syndrom) due i have masker, cool wet suit that never being used since 7 months!

Without thinking too long im saying ya!! Its 6 am Snorkling in Manado bay, still near the boulevard! are there any corals spot?i dont care i wana play wth water!!

Wake up by 5 Sharp!! Amazing, Manado looking great in the early morning!! did subuh pray and get 2 apple+1 carrot to be mixed in my awesome juicer and adding cornfalkes and choco milk!(Indeed a very healty breakfast!)
i need more energy sure as i know playing with water will suck all ur energy for sure!

Be there by 6 AM and finally found out that my swimming ability ( never being good before!!) decreasing!!even tomove my fins just a few metres feels like climbing a very high mountain! ouchh anyway i didnt find any fishes due the weather is cloudy no sunshine while back im no longer in the water but prefer up to the land and walked away to my car he he

Go get some "Nasi Kuning" breakfast and went home for bathing
went office a bit late 30 minutes
and thanks for the one invited me and yup "Quite a great experience"
while all Manado people sleep in comfort blanket and i was in the water breezing :-D !!Cool!!!

*Keep Shining*!! Keterangan :

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