Friday, May 02, 2008

What a colourfull april.....

Lots things happened to my life in April 2008
1. Maybe I already told u all in my others posting ,,lots sports, golf, badminton, swimming
2. Dating maybe if its called a dating with some1 but just make confusion to my life
3. Having chance to go to Borneo as officially visits there its great experience…
4. Missed my flight to go to Balikpapan n the worst things was suppose to accompany VIPfrom Police dept to Borneo but the VIP had already being there early n bumped in Balikpapan without my assistances, the most tension day had happened to me yess its april 28th 2008
5. Someone broke my door n stole my money , thnx God my laptop is saved
6. Nice performances of my division, achieving the target. An excellent mark online test .Good job this month
7. Many untold and undescribe feeling ……………..!!!
8. Many wedding invitation cards in my desk ..its being great all ppl getting married!!then I will this year…………….amin!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its kind of resume of my life this april 2008 Keterangan :

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