Friday, May 09, 2008

Makassar visit...hectic

uhhhhhhhh getting at home back to my regional office as monthly or quarterly meeting out of accidently sales meeting :-( dat too boring somtyms to see all the tabels.. and numbers on slide presentations from 8 -6 pm...n continue wth driving golf...with all this cool man of my collegues :-)dats always make me as victim in evrything .....latest news and story about the mutation process of my boss will posting next...after back to Manado.. and the good news again ill be back again here to Makassar next week to farewell party of my months too much traveling aaah..!and yess i hav great day meeting my old n special fren ....evethough its tru; 4 x 24 hours full of high tension day i only hav tyme after 9 pm...for my personal life the rest is office tym working like "Rat Race" ughhhh!!!! Keterangan :

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