Monday, April 14, 2008

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Jadul
Wonder Woman Laibuk on crowd of stars

See this pic? I wear wonder woman looks so ridiculous absolutly correct wth the name od the divisions Crazy Account Manager (CAM) its true now , this moments 19 th of dec 2007 in Jakarta, during my annually year national meeting as also gathering for celebrating the hits KPI target of the year as our division did an excellent year hitting the target whole nation and sure this events to celebrating all of that wth title ’CAM Rising Stars ” which there is one night specially dedicated to awarding the best account manager and many category of best of best wth awesome doorprize, gadgets stuffs..remind me for the Oscar award in Holywood which using red carpet in my party also using exactly almost the same, but too me wearing this wonder woman custom is truly suffering, not enjoy whole party, all participants like me using cartoon and movies starts custom, its too sexy too me actually n ha..ha I don’t like to using it hence it’s a must to me to come , its just yeah meeting all my frens all over Indonesia wth this unique custome is an quite awesome experiences n sure sharing pain n joy for our jobs and sure get the door prize n join the games n ending wth playing crazy n rush adrenalin in dunia fantasi Jakarta, shopping as always become an compulsory things in traveling/meeting list ha..ha and lesson learnt-->is using heroes custome, doing traditional dancing performances wth my regional homebase team n one day practicing make just messy dancing I ever had in front all ppl…fortunately im not alone, im wth my senior.S o proud also as one my senior winning the best AM allover indonesia, won alots category , sure lots door prize, ipod, phones, and sure money n voucher…dats why I really love my company so muchchchc..:-) and next year must be different theme event again for sure anyway I still keep the wonder woman custome, just to keep as I had a become a wonder woman for that moments and in the office I eventually still hav that trademark due many reason… however dream come true I was become super hero for one day wth real custome and attributes and I was on the stages and did signing the wall of fames exactly like Hollywood movies stars wth walking to the stages wth lots blitzing by the camera of paparazzi and put the signature in the wall, hm its absolutely great moments !unforgetble memories..!!l Keterangan :

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