Monday, April 07, 2008

Bday Gift

Yess yiihakk ( screaming inward) so happy today got mail fr my besty fren dat the package after tru the traveling from Indonesia presicely fr Manado Indonesian post office tru Jakarta n then maybe Singapore n Colombia n yess will arrive in Delhi n maybe by air to surat that’s the first arguments by the postman on dec 25th 2007 by that tym I dropped tht package by post office n till today its 3 months 12 days on the way.Cant imagine how long if I sent food or somthingdats has an expired dates.Just so glad n after all I can throw away the receipt letters with peacefully.Hm packages is dedicated to one my besty fellow in one small town in india, we v been known well also since maybe about 9 years back. N its just awesome friendships dat we had till now sure btw here I just wn describe hows one small box packages that I sent tooks 3 months n 12 days as bday gift on dec n njust arrive on april 7th on the next year..hhuahuahuahua..amazing or maybe just bcuz I hav wrong choosing airfreight cargo,resently I know dat my packages is delivery by seafreight not airfreight ohhhhhhhhhhh stupid me… can imagine in my crazy mind think dat box had swimming about 100000000000000 miles away to get tru to Surat India fr Manado,North Sulawesi Indonesia afterall now my tiny teddy is now in India ,ha..ha..happy Bday Jit! Sory for the bday package being l so late 102 days !!However thnx to the postman all over the world mostly Indonesian postman and Indian postman nice co-operation buddy anyhow but too late
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