Thursday, April 03, 2008

april fool, april shine oh april!

So welcome to april, in da office lots colleagues having their bday this months n my sister also hav dat on april, here in my life fews moments, 1 st april is my 1 st anniversary year precisely I was join in this company so 1 year here as accnt mgr dats somtyme I review back I still nt doin my bestL and tyms goes by so fast my bday will coming also next month, n Shockingly with smiley face on april 1 st I found brown envelope dat written To : Siti, Jr Account Mgr ….oh guessin' its just april fool oh.. it was resign letter from One of my admints staffs. I was panic due no prepared yet for exchanges staffs to do those stints, u know wht?..must be publish new vacancy, new recruitment,interviewing.its wasting tym truly. Was only disappointed with my old staffs the way he walked way wth leaved 3 resign letter without say good bye L but lesson learnt , I become an expert in doing all the stints that whole 1 years back I never did, sitting all days in my chairs n learn how to do some programs in 3 daysI v being an advanced on it, my goals accomplished, n the others good things was I did requirements n vacancy n did interviewed few girls oohhccc cool its Quite an experience!, reverse back to my early rocking in the corporate world I ve being the one who become the object of the interviewing process now I was become the interviewer ha..ha ..yess remind me back of my frash grad era roaming there get here being get punked by the user n yess now I was in charge on it sure. Awezome life ha! N afternoon shoking days call fr my IT dats I become so fame in millist in homebase due my videos in youtube, actually as my hobies taking snaps n I also love recording videos fr my pocket camera, as just informall meeting in da morning I had uploaded 3 months ago n maybe one of IT sta ffs caught itn n sure talking about in office mail millist tensionly I was panic n try to delete it n u can imagine it if VP got dat maybe he will order to fly there n punish me by transfer me to the upcountry replacement uuhhh Hence I deleted it all n yess case closed. Hm u can find the rest of the video in my orkut, actually its just 1 minutes video in meeting moments, break tym while few staffs eat donuts n acting fool ….n wht else on april…bought lots books about IT+Internet+stocks exchanges hopes I can get something fr those booksJrevolution of life!was so an excited wth knwledges…as life is is learning journey..:-)april.fool, april cool, an april shining!!Happy 1 st anniversary to me in that rocking company and sure to me is still njoy the process as learning n learning..hopefully I had done my best n still can do better in the future!

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