Friday, December 14, 2012

Why I decided to play tennis ?

Tennis, long time ago I never interesting to learn to play this sport, why? Because when I always see the racket seems it so heavy to hold I better choose badminton racket then tennis racket!more over to swing and hit the big ball, I rather swing badminton racket!!

Fortunately at october 2011, one nite my peer at office called me that I has to be join tennis competion to represent the woman team for our company as no others option ( I am the strongest woman in office maybe (◦'⌣'◦) !!! )
I hardly refused that as my yess answer will make our team can be joined in this competition!!

As I said to them I don't know how to play, moreover I don't know hit the ball, they said they will teach me a day before!

By rush hour and all our busy schedule I just got in match day, and some friend tried to teach me how to hold the racket and hit the ball, and I SWEAR that it won't be as easy as u seen on tv!! Need a long time just to learn how to hold /grip!! Its totally different from badminton!!

Guess what had happened in the tennis indoor stadium...I am become the worst tennis player ever maybe in this earth!! The old lady even almost hit my head with the ball !! And I falled down to ground and what a shamefull !!!

Feeling like I wanna just run away from the field and dissappear!!!
And the last next days still I never play better!!

And we loosed the game!!
By that time I swore that I will learn and able to play for the next year game!! Since then I join my company team to play 2x a week and also we pay a professional coach to train me untill now I'm playing on and off as I am also have busy schedule of working, only outer city trip which made me not join the 2x exercise a week or any urgent matters!!

Now its being 12 months, maybe around. 75 times exercise day with my coach..and I am the only girl survived in this team, some come and go, even the man!!

For the last 3 months I am bit happy one of my junior which having probation in my town here consistenly join us and now he is playing better but soon he will leave to his designation town then I will be the single player for playing!!

As you senn on picture, the old man but powerfull energy is my coach and the other is my colleague!!

Somehow I felt desperate when I am not playing as good as my coach wanted !!!

And for all kind of sports that I have tried, golf, badminton, diving...biking..., tennis is special case need long time to learn the theory and consistently time for practice!!

Even me need a year just to learn how to hit the ball and the right grip and many others!!and even now I my self consider still so slow in my progress...

However I keep practice to balance my life for sport and sure keep my body healthy and fit...for a long life to go!!!

I wish my future husband one day can join me to play here !!!

My dream is I can play normal like others player and can beat someone he he!! ( Revenge my sad story at november 2011)

So anyone wanna accompany for practice??,,!! (◦'⌣'◦) !!

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