Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Wiettzz im in roaming again traveling for this month. Welcoming new year at Makassar till 4th 2008, back rockin Manado by 5th Jan. Time goes by workin as usual till 24th- 29th 2009. Good newz or not good Big B will come to Makassar as good staff i must join the meeting so extended my filght ticket to 4th feb 2009.yihhaak got 10 days stay in Makassar anyway ... here am stuck in reg office for few days....

1.workin' as worker trying to be workacholic!
2.Get trapped by traffic jam daily geting worst.!
3.Meet The Gank ...and seeking....
4.Try to enjoy home coming n hoping get transfer back HERE ..AMIN!!

Its my update news of ME

Grapari Makassar, January 29th 2009 =) Keterangan :

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