Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Januari Goes bye bye…..
February comes in welcome come….
Time Goes Bye so fast fast ….
Hectic month for me
Enjoy my rising target to achieved
No more time to play around no more more ….

A Valentine's day for me??oh no no no way!!
Dont believe such things

Enjoy my painfull new placed Brace but stylish and new Holy Qur’an Ipod
Those are two old resolutions accomplished YIHAAA Finally!!
Still many resolution in ma- mind hmm
No Matter how far ur destination still to reach
Don’t see how far it will be ………

Just Keep on ur path walking forward to reach it !!
Its kind of skeptic but TRUE 
So January, February ……….
i keep on RUNNING Babe!!! Keterangan :

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