Monday, December 29, 2008


2008 almost ending to a new year 2009, this month "December" to me it’s a bit hectic with job and deeply become and start point to review back all achievement for the 12 months back, but also some farewell moments to some special person. this posting is dedicated to some important person to me officially and personally. As usual in our company ending of the year means transfer season starting.Officially by 15 th dec or manager in office will transfer to Medan. Mr KH or we called it “babe”. When I got sms fr him, I felt so sad also as we love this kind of type leaders
eventhough eventually he is not my structural boss however still he is my boss In this branch I did rescpected him deeply, a kind of friendly guy, sporty, fungky as well and sure I never saw him yelling for some mistakes tht his staff did. The personwhich speaks can bumped u wth spirit and send u energic spirits inside.Someone which never tired to speak out and never less words for any question. I m feeling that im very energetic one but compare wth him im just nothing at all.
Branded,stylish and easy going person. 24 hours he filled wth any activity, photography, and all new gadgets sure he always no.1 to have it………………..working wth him for almost 2 year since I was posting in Manado. Its being great year and well gonna miss this fungky& cool boss.babeee we will miss u  c u in Medan babe!!

And next one is my expats fren from India, he was one boss in one company near by Manado.he is such kind very good fren also eventhough he is older much then me but he be able to get easy to communicate and socialite wth me and frens and all people wth all background, his gesture, politeness and kind hearted.He is on the best Indian guy I ever met in reality life. From I learn many things, a friendships values that cross border and how he builts such great relationships to all people such easily. The most important is that he acted as he speaks not only in a words !a pure value that he love to give ! in this world I meet many kind of people officially or personally , many kind of boss type, wth many background and character & Mr. Chauhan is one of the best, down to earth, sincere and hav genuine heart, become role model to me in the future. So however and whatever u r sir, im sure everyone will always happy to be with u or work with, will be miss and good bye sir..and wishing u all the best wherever you are and God bless u always with ur family as well.

thts it few good person went away hopefully there will me few good man will coming..;-)wishing!!! Keterangan :

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