Sunday, November 16, 2008

oh miss u blog!

hollaaaaaaa!!!! im sorry guys my absence about 90 days never open my blog there few main reason for tht, anyway is there any one misisng me to read this i guess no one..only megachule..ha ha ha n myself!!
1. Very busy as usual ending year of target @office, u know -Lah!
2. Lazy-ness attack me to write, just save it all in my heart. Selfish not want to
3. Cant hardly manage my tym!
4. No one inspire me to write again, i losted my desire for it!lack of words
5. My vocabulary is........... Less.......realize how my english now.. real Bad!!
6. im tired ...fragile..and cape dehhhhhhhh
7. Many wedding season he he so im bit bz n dizzy to think about it, next week, the
next 2 weeks, next month, next year ...then next when it will be me? Nah lo
dizzy kan!! no wedding gawn yet to buy ..oops whew!

ok will starting story about my gift from my Indian best fren delivery by my
Indian fren also which works in next posting hope i can write it soon...!! Keterangan :


Rusydi Umar said...

Kenapa ga pake bahasa Indonesia aja, hehehe, oh iya temanmu banyak orang asing kan, ups sorry lupa.

la sibuk said...

ohh ada kok yg bhs indo , ya vocab ku kurang n grammraku ancrit kan..usaha nulis biar english lebih baik, jgn diketawain ya,namannya juga belajar oi...!!:-(