Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Good Bye 2012 and Happy New Year 2013

Hellow Blog, Happy new year 2013, many wishes this year which i will write down here as my pray ( the more you mention the more easy for its will come true ) But before stepping to this year 2013 lets see what is the best moments that i have in 2012 :

* February, finally did traveling to Palu with the 3 Lady Iron again ^_^

* March, traveling for work visit to Kendari and South East Sulawesi province for the first time and after that i had 2 x explore that place, more place in this country i had explored ^_^

* April, Had fantastic traveling to Lombok with the 3 Lady Iron ( Cheche & Sri ) and as single girl, we really wanna see the world more and enjoy our life more ^_^

* May, is my birthday, had chance to go Umrah plus trip to Dubai, i had my birthday in 2 different country, Saudi Arabia ( Jeddah ) & UAE ( Dubai ), finally after all i can do this holy journey + finally can meet my old friends in Saudi and Dubai. After did Umrah many blessed things in my life which come to follow the next 6 months untill now.

* June,the 7th finally met Mr Monkey through Brother Adam and the Love story goes after that till now ^_^ wish us for the best this year,,, aamiin !!

*October 19th, my elder brother Idris finally get married with his dream girl, finally just me the last and king my younger brother to be single at home.
the next months til the new year now is nothing special.

so many blessed which had come over me this year, a healthy life, a healthy family, thank you words wont be enough for thankfull the almight Allah for all these blessing, ALHAMDULILAH !and there are so many wishes list that i will make again this year as usual for my goal to achieve! What else the life would be without a goal to accomplished !!!

here are my wish list this new year :-)

1. More dhuha pray everyday and more tahajjud, more sadaqah / giveaway.

2. New automatic car, Xilvero wont be replaced but Makassar nowadays really more comfortable with Automatic car then manual one, no days without traffic jam.

3. Brace/bracket removal, my teeth is fine now need to get freedom for them too.

4. New house with 5 rooms with wide road, thats my dream house, bigger house then now as we need more space, extra room for guest and extra room for to work from home.

5. Traveling to Thailand with the 3 Lady Iron again in March

6. Officially Become Mrs M, hope this year is our year ..aamiin, make sakinah mawaddah warahmah little family.

7. Honeymoon in India / Bali / Bromo/ Bandung/ Turky

8. More investing in Fine Gold, hit 100gr/year

9. One more insurance for myself for protection and investing, i already have 2, 1 more for Syariah Insurance.

10. Save more my retired young plan

11. Afford dad for holiday in Ternate with Uncle G, for Mom she had it last year !!

12. Buy / invest for 1 ha Teak Land in Bondowoso, East Java ( harfam.co.id )

13. Start my own business as my chapter 2 in life, with Mr Monkey for our future, property business/ flipper/ some small business need to run for prepare my retired young plan.

Thirteen will be enough for my new resolution in this year, insya Allah... with more good effort and pray hard, just make as many as you want and let see the 2013 be the year to accomplish them ^-^ !!! Keterangan :

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