Saturday, November 20, 2010

Xilvero anniversary

Noted 10,450 km since came out from showroom 13 months ago, today Xilvero had the first anniversary, time to pay the yearly tax, with many scratches in the bumper, the last one sctrecthing in traffic jam with other's car and have to paid USD40!

The rest tiny stracthes unidentifying!!

Last year my brother came for fully one months, spent for 3000 km for outer city to all over destinations around here...

Colouring my life for the last one year, christmas visit 2009, new years eve with frens, outer city@week end and sure daily transportation to office!!

happu anniversary my "Xilvero"
Let see how many more times we will roaming in this area...

Luv u full!!

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1 comment:

Asty said...

DJ, suka bgt baca2 blogmu, salut deh ma kamu ;)