Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jogging !!

Finally after finding again my old buddies in this small town, dumped again together for what we called "duty of work"which says you will alwyas be ready to posting all over in Indonesian republic from Sabang - Marauke.

After the beginning of my posting work here I was with some bestiest which tough and sports lover we did anything to do some sports, after two or three years now one by one they moving again to follow their own desteny.

Here I am all alone do 'Jogging' todays I did only near my flat only three laps running from my flat to here just 200 metres away and three laps walking then rest was walking in beach side of Bahu, Manado bay!!

Awesome and fresh but Alwi my Arabian best fren which my jogging company's missed the session today perhaps he is still slept the land of the dream!!

I was do jogging very frequently while "Pitto" one my besties still in duty in this town. After a while I break and after that season I did some jogging session with my flats' fren which have the same hobby ( sports lover!) Then again my fren move to others city. So I did many uncontinuesly sports like diving, badminton euphoria for our company anniversary each May and Tennis after I have new partner of work here, then now back to basic the cheapest and the most simply sport I m starting to do again each weekly periode.

Planning for buying folding bike or mountain bike but still no frens to do biking together.

Fishing, we will try one of this boring activity (to me!!) Again wth some crazy maniac sport lover

Here I am now sitting viewing Manado beach in Bahu complex, between the rocks!
Watching the kids swimming without life jackets, watching Manado Tua and Bunaken from here, wathing many young couple cuddling and dating so early, watching some men do fishing,
Feeling the sun shine in my head,
Viewing Boulevard Manado from here and listening fully song from MP3 unstopped playing 4GB song and staring up the blue ocean!!still blue!!
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