Tuesday, June 29, 2010

World cup 2010

As usual actually football just unimportant match for me, but somehow 2006 world cup having special memories to me, first day of world cup 2006 I'm still in Makassar join sms world cup quiz via mobile phone, I spent whole afternoon till early morning stay awaked and reply sms quiz while those time I spent around USD 150 for my bills to answer all the quiz text then I won Nokia 1600 series.

My name had written in national daily famous newspaper as winner with 9 others national..wht a great achievement my quiz world reputation.

You know why I knew so much those time which Football it wasn't my world at all? Due I have daily newspaper, I took all the answer from there and reply it!!

Wht had happened to the prize? I sold it to my buddy and buy one washing machine which now still availble in My Makassar home!!

Now world cup 2010, this season happens while my assignment work in Manado, Manado people also love football much as they doin gambling much as well for every match!!I
Some moment match I watched but some I missed !!just in case for asian country and some intresting match I do watch!!

Tonite, me watching from home@Makassar for some work trips, sitting in my couch
A bit sentimentil watching Japan was beaten by penalty kick!!

So sleepy and after this my packing time for get back to Manado...

That's a bit about my world cup moments!!!

Makassar, 30th juni, 01:45 am

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