Sunday, March 21, 2010

missing home :'(

I have been many years out far from home, eventhough some monthly or 2,3 monthly going home is a must due work things but still somehow I really missing my home...!!

My mom cuisine, homey food, original simply mom recepy !!
My dad advice, my younger bro distraction, watching tv together and talk about family things with afternoon tea and homey snacks!!

Oh I missed it so much!!

Just few minutes back I called mom as my daily scheule call them eventhough just few minutes till hours depend the situation!!

As usual mom, dad and my sister also having week end wth them watching tv, tv serial which boring story to me they staring up for hours!! Some short explanation I will tell mom, wht had happened here, weather here, where I spent my saturday and sunday whole day..and sure the first question my mom worried about is my Car!! How's ur xilvero? Hav parking nicely under the parking area! Safe or not? It is ok?are you happier having it or more complicated for ur life?how many km ur home from office!!

With clear explanation I answered all of it, I can hear my dad shouting there asking bout my car, my sister laughing my bro also..they are all buzy with tv!!

Due mom focussing to her tv serial, so I m just close the conversation and say thts all for tonite and as usual my mom never hang up the phone after receiving call from me I wana hear the really life report what theoir conversation I'm still can hear mom talked to my daddy explain all tht we disscussed by phone..

Mom explained that my car now having new parking safely place so no worry and my home to office is 4 km and takes 5 minutes only to get there!!Manado is nice place to live and also for driving no traffic!!
Thts I hearded my mom explain to my dad!!I can clearly hear my sister shooting explain about Manado is hilly city with cozy climate ( ha ha how come she knew she is never here !!)

Wow I enjoyed so much the time listening them chatting about me without they knowing that I still listening them from phone!! and wtching the same channel from my tv here and 2000 km away fr there in my home!!seems I m in there also...

The quality time with my parents and my bro and sister that's I really miss...!!

Yah thanks to all gadget that at least can help me to ease the home sick!! Phone for sure..
Thanks to the person who invented the phone!!

Anyway I'm still alwys missing my home wherever I am :'(

Home sweet home!!!

Till then cured my home sick!!
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