Sunday, February 24, 2013

Road Race 5K

As im posted in my indo blog about my road race finisher medal here i wanna posting some picture which is really made me happy this whole day
it was my second road race after 19 years ago, while i was still in junior school and that time i won for the 13rd position and i got certificate. And now was try to reflect back my glory, try to measure am i strong enough to keep running non stop for 5 K and guess what !!   I DID IT !!! non stop even it slow but sure with same speed. 

Mean that my body and soul still strong enough for this race, he he !! oh ya i got top 25 for 5 KM for woman category. So not bad at all for my age*i am still young anyway lol!! i got the medal and im the medallist . 

The Champion!!

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