Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Finally i had my GMC ( General Medical Check Up ) again this year after some years i didnt do it.

So Many reason i have to do this :
1. Its has been abt 3 years ago my last GMC
2. Keep healthy and fit and to know more about my body inside outside.
3.Healthy is another treasure of life so more then money so i must always priority for this. You can buy anthing but being healthy isn't something that you can buy.
4. Another senior co worker had comma since yersterday from bad stroke and he need brain surgery operation for that and even untill now he is still in comma.He seems to be healthy, fit, active and sure we can say enough money to enjoy good life and good food but seems he is missed to take care his health and lifestyle, so i will not let myself and careless for my health and body eventhough i felt already so fit having 2x playing tennis a week + riding bicycle once a week.
5. We have the medical allowance from my company include this GMC so why i am so lazy to do this!

So will wait till 2 days for result so far all good! Hope i can enjoy this short life in always healthy and fit condition!
Quota for today is Health is not everything but everything is nothing without health !!!

So be good to your health!!
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