Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Pretty nice no, its lucky numer/date hm today I am in Jakarta, do some days training but inserting some mission :
1. Met wth my Orkut Fren :Fina, done...tks for the dinner

2. Met wth BT Cantiq and Her Daddy, wht a unique fam we having fun in Jakarta! Shopping till drop and got traffic jam all the time.Miss Global Girl in Jakarta..
3.Meeting wth Tity canceled, she is too bz wth works..
4. will fly to Palembang on friday The main mission will do :-)
5. Meeting wth Nunu not yet done, re scedule.
6. Roaming wth K Erwin yuhuii shopping n shopping forget abt the financial theory!!
7.Enjoy Jakarta so far!!
8. Got room mate wth shopisticated lady !!learnt much from her.
9. Still 2 days on the go

Wait for my next report!
Wishing the next year of 20-11-2011 will be my day or 11-11-2011.
A very good option indeed!

Let c whatever God plan for me

*wishing and pray mode on!!
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