Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Ramadhan in another September

Marhaban Yaa Ramadhan 1431 H,
for my last three times Ramadhan i spent in Manado...
my first Ramadhan at 2007 still with fully Team of La Sibuk
spent Ramadhan with a bit different way then when still in Makassar
in Manado, the mosque's not as many as in others city....

the cafe and restaurant still open during the day
and ya nothing much changing from out of Ramadhan and Ramadhan
the same with Ramadhan 2008 and 2009 more completely full team as some close frens
from other division spent sahur time with us in Lasibuk Palace..that's what we called
for our rental house ..

Someone incharge for cooking, washing, cleaning up, and sure someone only come and bring some foods and sure someone just wake up and eating....wht a wondefull life!!!

Ramadhan 2010, 2 of our collegues got transfer for new designation in others city,
and now the Ramadhan quite different
i have to prepare myself and get sahur and iftar by my own
pretty sad....but still i have found a very nice next door girl which like to share with me for breaking fasting or sahur time...

i got a chances to spend few days in Makassar for work trip
and awesomely different, i can hear azan from many mosque's and ya truly islamic city
and iftar and sahur at home with family is the best....
and for sure ill be spending my ied holiday with family...
hope i can finish Ramadhan with better way...

Another Ramadhan in August and september 2010
From my simple room@Makassar in silence morning

1st September 2010, 4.45 pm Keterangan :

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Asty said...

Begitulah Bu kalo berpuasa di wilayah islam sbg minoritas, sepi, tapi kalo lebaran rame juga...Dibanding Jogja ;)

Aku ijin pasang linknya di blogku ya ;)