Thursday, July 03, 2008

My new toys Blackberry 8300 Curve


helo blog!! back from Jakarta got my new toys Blackberry 8300 Curve wth orange skin set, u may check in my last posted about my wishes no. 3 its BB 8300 curve and maybe no.6 about mr.right ( still in progress 50% for that one hope can make it real soon :-) its not about how to get it but just express wht u wish, and yeah u can get it!!its just all about time and little effort sure & pray evrything is impossible.

Honestly, nothings is easy to get, no pain no gain ! so go get it wht ur wish for sure u can do it ....but make effort (in this case i need money to buy he he & Money is not easy to get!! :-D) ^___^ About the BB actually my SE & NOKIA E61 are perfect enough to become my right hand to help my life for all office purpose but BB is better in some benefits no.1 YM 24 hours free and GTalk ha ha thats mostly important to make communications for office, chat and so on sure mailing..... now cant hardly away from these gadgets and the networks is perfectly far from Disconnected...........Bravo BB!hope this toys will help me to get som .....^__^? oops get connected always he he !!!!!!!! Keterangan :

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